Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tracing back the what-ifs...

Tracing back the what-ifs...

I met my husband while I was still in college. I had met some other friends online and headed to visit one of them on a long weekend. He also knew the girl I was visiting and had come up to visit as well. Though he had been part of the same general group, I had minimal knowledge of him, besides his name.

But so much of this traces back to a series of what-ifs, several decisions made along the way that led to meeting him in June of 1996.

I graduated high school in June of 1994 in southern Ontario. At the time (this has since changed), there was an optional Grade 13 year, where students would take the equivalent of first-year college classes in preparation for the first year of university. A minimum of six of these credits was required for admittance to university from high school, and most students took them in the 13th year. However, I graduated from 12th grade and already had 6 of those credits. I had applied to several universities I was interested in, and had decided if I liked where I was accepted, I would go on to university that fall. If not, I would head back to high school and pick up another group of the 13th-year credits.

In the fall of 1995, I went to university, took classes, and all the typical stuff. My friend Katherine (whom I met that year) also insisted that I set up email. Of course, in 1995, most email and internet-based media were localized to colleges and tech people. However, it provided a fun diversion, and I joined a couple of mailing lists that allowed me to meet some nice people.

In the spring of 1996, one of the girls I had met through a mailing list offered to host a gathering at her house over a long weekend. I wanted to go, to meet her and a few of the other girls I had gotten to be friends with.

Now the other side: My husband actually hadnĂ­t been planning on attending that weekend. He had to work, but at the last minute he ended up taking a couple of comp days, flying to another city completely, where a couple of friends of his lived, then driving overnight with them to head up there for the weekend.

And that was almost 16 years ago, 12 years of marriage, 2 kids, 2 apartments, 2 houses, and finally a military move to Colorado to start over one more time.

What about you? How did you and your husband meet? Is there one moment that changed everything?

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  1. Love your story. It always amazes me how many things have to line up just so for that chance meeting that forever changes your life.

  2. was 9month fresh out of a 5 years relationship that started in high school. I had a just barely 1yr old. In 2005 (when my space was still cool) I had a profile. My "profile name" at time was MULF-same as milf but replace the I with YOU (an award I won at a bar...hey I was barely 21). MY profile came up on my husband's "suggested friends list" it took him a week but he finally messages me saying, well if you are mulf then I am a dulf (he had a 2.5yr old). YES CHEESY I KNOW. So that night we talked on AOL instant messenger (when that was still cool) all night. I barely remember the conversation but what I do remember was him telling me his alter-ego name was TETO. Now understand that my two little sisters (17 and 18 at the time) would set their instant messenger "away message" as their phone number and say call me. I used to YELL at them telling them you never know what creep might get it..blah blah blah. Well the day after my night chat with my hubby I did this...RANDOM!!! I left my away message as my phone number. My husband saw it and decided to call me. I answered; he offered to meet up at a park with our kids. I thought no way am I bringing my kid to meet someone of the internet. I made up some excuse and said I couldn't make it (we lived only 45min away from each other.) HE mentioned he had a softball game only 20min from my house in a few days and invited me to come watch. I agreed knowing my son would be with his dad and that this would be a PUBLIC meeting (so he couldn't murder me---laughing now). I showed up to the game earlier than him. He pulled up in his grandpa's BEAT UP ford econoline van, walked out in a red cut off sleeve shirt, baby blue basketball shorts, red knee high socks, 7 wrist bands on, and adidas sandals. Not to mention he was 5'9 and 150lbs dripping wet. I thought what did I get myself into what a dork!!!!! I had my mom on standby to call and say the baby was sick to come home. Between watching him play softball and being very ATTENTIVE towards me he won...We went to a bar with his buddies afterwards and then spent the whole night just sitting in the car talking while it POURED RAIN! Ever since, anything in our life that has been big it's rained. The day we got engaged it rained, the day we got our dog it rained, the day we bought our house it rained, the day we got married it rained, the day I went into labor with our son it rained. See a pattern? It's been 6years of marriage now and we couldn't be happier!

  3. I love your wedding picture :) Glad all the what if's went the right way for you two! Sailor Boy and I have a story of what if's too...

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