Mini Pita Tacos Bento

Occasionally, I find bentos are a great place to experiment with leftovers and things that sound really good in my head, hence the mini-pita tacos. We had just a wee bit of turkey taco meat leftover on Monday night, maybe enough for one full sized grown-up taco, so I decided to try repurposing that into something for the kids.

I had a few remaining mini-pitas that seemed perfect for the occasion, so I warmed up the meat, stuffed in a bit of cheese and some meat, and we had tacos. Faith decided we need to top with shredded cheese so they would look better. I think she's right!

She has three of the mini-pita tacos, topped with cheese as requested, some pretzel sticks & blueberry pomegranate crisps, carrots & cucumber, cantaloupe & strawberries. It's packed in a 4-square Lock & Lock for simplicity (simplicity being I had just washed the container and it was conveniently sitting on my counter).


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