Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's for Lunch Wednesday, Week 66

What's for Lunch Wednesday

Welcome to "What's for Lunch" Wednesday!!!

Thanks so much for joining in last week if you did and looking forward to seeing all the fun lunches this week!

Want to join in?

Just choose a bento you've made from the last week you want to share, copy the URL of that post from your blog (you may need to click on the title to get it), and enter it into the linky below.

Click on the "Add Your Link" button to add yours and follow the steps, it's simple, I promise!


  1. Is there a way to change the submission once it's been submitted? In case, you know, some dummy puts her own name in the "Name" field rather than the name of the bento? *sigh*

  2. As always, thanks for hosting! :)

  3. I am pretty sure I can edit them through the link host if you want to tell me what to change them to. :)

  4. Number 14 should say "Ladybug Garden". I like the new linking system, but the 'name' field is a tad confusing. I just need to remember not to put my own name, lol.

    Thanks, Shannon. :)

  5. Number 21 should say "I Heart Bento". Sorry - I'm very new to this!! And this if you can fix it :)

  6. I think I fixed it! :) I like InLinkz better too, I was having major problems with McLinky messing up the blog layout, so switched.

  7. I think I need more time to fixed it. How can I change my submission? Any idea?
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