Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ultimate Blog Party 2014, Bento-Style

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

I love this time of year, it's #UBP14 time, or Ultimate Blog Party 2014.

This is my 4th? 5th? time participating and I love discovering new blogs every year.  This year, I'm using the blog again instead of my personal one, since the speciality category fits perfectly!  I spend most of my time working on this blog, though my goal this year is to expand my personal one too.

This would be me, Ben and Faith, with a hockey game selfie back in December.

But a little more about me:
  • I'm 37, married to my awesome husband for almost 14 years, and mom to my two amazing kids who are 11 and 8.
  • The aforementioned husband is active duty USArmy and we live in Colorado right now.
  • We're from Texas and consider it home, we'll move back someday, either with the army or after!
  • I teach 7th grade world studies part-time and homeschool my own kids the rest of the time.
  • What's for Lunch at Our House started as a photo blog for a friend of mine to show off Faith's kindergarten lunches, in 2007.
  • It kind of grew from there and I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing companies (Disney, VeggieTales, Hormel, Pillsbury, Nature's Own, McDonald's, Van's Natural Foods, General Mills, Toyota, etc).
  • If I had to recommend a few posts, I'd pick the year end round ups which feature favorites from each year: Top 10 2011 postsTop 10 2012 posts, and Top 10 2013 posts.  I didn't do a round up in 2010 or further back.
Anything else you are dying to know?  Ask in the comments!


  1. I should be visiting from the UBP14 as I'm also a participant, but I'm woefully behind. However, since I regularly read your blog I did see this! :)



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