"What's for Lunch at Our House" is a 13 year  food blog, featuring bento lunches prepared by the author for her two children. Featured in the Dallas Morning News, MSN Japan, Disney's Family.com and Spoonful among others, Shannon blogs about healthy, creative ways to feed children, with a focus on balance and presentation.

About the Blog:
"What's for Lunch at Our House" was conceived in June 2007 when the author realized that she needed a better way to ensure her oldest would eat lunch at school. While pickiness wasn't an issue, lack of time to eat was. The appeal of bento boxes was the idea of a variety of healthy food in bite sized form, a better way to make sure her daughter was able to finish her lunch in the allotted time.

Over the years, the blog has evolved from simply tempting a child to eat quickly to enjoying the creativity and healthiness bento boxes encourage. Further interest has developed regarding bento lunches' environmentally friendly nature and the idea of reusable containers and waste-free meals, as well as cooking for and with children in order to teach nutrition and kitchen skills.

About the Author:
Shannon was born and raised in Southern Ontario.  She graduated university with her BA in Canada and relocated to Dallas, Texas to pursue her Master's degree.  Upon earning her MA, she received teaching certification and taught middle school social studies.

She currently resides in Colorado Springs, with her husband and their two children (ages 17and 14).

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