Faith's Lunch at Home

I'm bored, Faith is bored, Ben is napping, so we decided to make her a bento lunch to use her new box.

She got yet another box yesterday while we were at Minoya. They won't let you use credit cards unless the purchase is over $10 and mine was $8.50. So we found this cute little box for $1.69 and added it in.

Hello Kitty with a hand, snap on the front and one divider. It also came in pink which she wanted but I convinced her that blue was nice for a chance. Everything else is varying shades of pink, so why not shake it up with blue. ;o)

And her rather uninspired lunch--grapes, carrots, half the heart egg, and elephant & giraffe shaped sandwiches. She's eating marshmallow jams now that didn't make the picture. For those taking notes, I really really need to go to the grocery store or no one is going to be eating lunches around here.