Our DMN Bentos!

And what are DMN bentos you might ask? They are the ones we made because one of the photographers from the Dallas Morning News was coming to take pictures for an article!!! :o)

Faith had her double tiered Hello Kitty box. Upper tier included cucumber stars & carrot sticks, 2 pork dumplings, 1/2 a star boiled egg, a few crackers & bunny shaped cheese. The bottom tier held strawberry cream chees & banana "sushi rolls" and fruit kebabs.

Benjamin had his Shinkansen shaped box with transportation ham&cheese sandwiches, goldfish pretzels, grapes and a blueberry yogurt jelly.


  1. What!?
    Why didn't you tell me you were famous! lol.
    I think I scrolled past this 4 times, but only looked at the pics.
    It took someone on DFWAM to point out that you were being photographed professionally!

  2. I read the DMN article today and checked the place out. Very inspiring ideas. I have a 2yo daughter who is a bit of a picky eater. I did get her to eat broccoli last night. I may try the bento boxes. Hopefully that will get more variety of foods in her. Oh yeah, I was wondering where you got the yogurt jelly.


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