A Picnic Lunch for Tuesday

Packed in the $1 bento boxes I found at the dollar store in Canada.

After all the money I have spent on bentos, bento supplies & shipping from Japan, who would have thought I'd find them at a dollar store? :P And they even have removable dividers.

Not that we are huge Spongebob fans, but for $1 I can overlook it. ;)

Faith has bone-shaped sandwiches, flower shaped cucumbers, carrots & a tomato, grapes and a pack of Yogo's (which are yogurt covered somethings).

Ben has cheese, crackers & sausage, grapes, fruit snacks and some animal crackers.


  1. You could always get a sticker to put over spongebob.

    And dollar stores are great resources for all kinds of Asian stuff... since that's where most of their products come from. :)

  2. oooh... love the SB boxes!
    Which design do we get? :-)


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