Tuesday lunches for Cara ;o)

Since I was asked why I hadn't posted in a few days, I scrapped the plans for leftovers and made the kids bentos. ;o)

Ben has ham & cheese faux sushi, goldfish pretzels, grapes & strawberries, in his Shinkansen box.

Faith has the same "sushis" and pretzels, but she got some cucumber flowers and carrots sticks to go with her grapes & strawberries. We finally got to use this Hello Kitty box too.

And because I'm sure you're all dying to see my adorable children ...

Ben playing train with his box:

Faith can't be left out:


  1. Shannon,
    Where do you get all the supplies for this? I wonder if it would make eating a bit healthier for Tessa...she is so picky. DH was telling me about Bento Boxes when he went to Japan. If you could email me some websites and such to order this stuff, I might do it, just to spice things up for my picky child.

    homefiresburning at gmail com

  2. Ben's hair looks GREAT!
    I like the ears peeking out!

    Oh- and the food looks good too. ;-)


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