Bento Stash - A Peek into My Kitchen

After buying Faith the new HK bentos, I decided I needed to put them away. So we did a bit of housecleaning/organizing/moving so that all the lunch stuff is in one set of cupboards.

Our lunch supply cupboard (minus the top shelf that I can't reach without at stool anyhow):

Shelf #1 - lots of single tier boxes, sauce cups, mini-containers, egg molds, rice molds, foil dividers, silicone dividers, fruit pics

Shelf #2 - 2 tiered boxes, laptop lunch, drawstring bags for various boxes

Shelf #3 - water bottles/themoses, lots of disposable containers/sippies/straw cups, metal tins holding small supplies

The metal tins from Shelf 3 - small cookie cutters that I use frequently, extra flatware for Faith, soy sauce bottles