Bentos for the non-bento crowd (aka my husband)

Shaun has been really good about taking his lunch to work, even taking pictures if I ask him too. But his are not as interesting as the kids, so I haven't been posting them as much. Typically, he takes his laptop lunch with some kind of sandwich, a garden salad, a fruit salad & some daigo (sp?). The last two days were exactly that--one day with a tuna salad sandwich and the other a sandwich with deli ham & turkey. Nothing terribly exciting, but it's healthier & cheaper.

Today, I thought I'd be nice & send him a non-sandwich lunch (and use out my leftovers). He has a garden salad (he keeps dressing in the fridge at the office so I don't have to worry about teeny containers of that). On the other side is steamed rice at the bottom, sweet & sour meatballs from the other night's dinner and a piggy full of soy sauce for the rice. It's all packed in the 2 compartment Lock&Lock container which holds a ton of food.

And as for the earlier comments about the lunch being healthier & cheaper, check out this lunch calculator:
Amazing how much you could really save bringing lunch--this one probably set me back between $1 & $1.5o minus the container.


  1. Hi Shannon,

    Emily (EAmaro) from DAM! Shawn's lunch looks really good. The meatballs look yummy. Do you mind sharing the recipe? I would love to see more pictures of Shawn's lunches. I know you mentioned that you dont take pictures cause there boring but I don't mind looking at them. It inspires me to bring lunch to work. :)


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