Dollar Store Bentos, the sequel

I had convinced myself that the two tier ones were all we needed. I changed my mind. We may not keep all three of the two tier ones, but we are definitely keeping these two new ones:

The blue one from above has a removable top layer (shallow, less than an inch deep) and a single compartment interior:

The green one is a single tier with a built in divider and a little fork holder on top:

Very impressed for $1. And I came home with a ton more since I'm shopping for the masses. I think I bought 13 today and only 2 are for us. ;o)

Oh, for those asking which Dollar Trees, I've been to the two in Plano (Alma/15th and Custer/Parker). I know Carrollton is supposed to have them, I'm not sure which others. At the one store, they were in a separate display by the cash register; in the other, they were in the tupperware-like section. Hope that helps!


  1. I just picked mine up at the Dollar Tree in Dallas on Mockingbird and Abrams. They were on the other side of a display of generic Gladware near the entrance to the right. Hope that helps some people out!

  2. I just got some of these and the matching thermos bottles. I found them at the Denton Dollar Tree near Hastings. I am sad to say I did not find the one that had the utensil compartment like you did. Bummer...anyhow I am so glad I found your blog! Now...I am looking for some unique sauce and dressing holders without spending a ton...any tips???


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