Faith's Choice ;o)

We get home from running errands and Ben goes to take a nap. Faith says "Can I have lunch?" Being a nice mother, I say "Sure, how about a sandwich?". She, being a bit of a pest at times, says "No, how about a bento?"

Personally, I was routing for a sandwich so I could sit down and relax a bit myself, but wasn't up for the argument. So I told her I would make it, but she had to tell me exactly what she wanted in it.

The result:

Across the center are 3 steamed pork dumplings. The bottom row containes carrot sticks & cucumber stars (note to self: out of cucumber now) and a half a boiled egg flower. The top row contains koala cookies and grapes (another note to self: also out of melon & strawberries and precariously low on grapes).


  1. I would love a recipe on your steamed pork dumplings. You've used them in several Bentos, and I think my kids might actually like them...


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