Faith's First Day of Kindergarten Lunch!

Today is the first day of school, so of course she has to have the cutest lunch in her class. ;o)

Top tier holds some doll shaped sandwiches, a couple of carrots, a heart shaped boiled egg and a yogurt jelly. Bottom tier holds honeydew, strawberry & grape kebabs and two marshmallow jams. She helped pick everything.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog one day and now I am obsessed with Bento Lunches. I am very new at it, so obsessed means searching the web and reading all I can about Bentos, checking on my ebay orders and now waiting for our first Bento Boxes to arrive :) I have 5 kiddos, so this idea seemed perfect for encouraging healthy eating. I check you blog often and find it inspiring! Thank you for posting and keep the cute photos and stories coming. A fellow SAH mom -- Kelly


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