Faith's Lunch aka What happens when the kids cook?

We're getting our carpets cleaned this morning, so basically everything that should be in our family room is shoved into our kitchen & breakfast room. The kids are, of course, antsy, so we decided to make something for lunch.

So, we made stuffed corn muffins. That's the thingie on the top left. It's stuffed with leftover chicken from the teppanyaki place the other night and assorted veggies. With it, she has carrots, some goldfish pretzels and half a flower egg. On the other side is the *last* of the fruit (finally!) and a yogurt jelly.

And we are loving the DMN this morning, the picture of Faith is huge!


  1. Congratulations Shannon on your article in the Dallas Morning News. And an upcoming article in Dallas Child - Wow! How did they find you?

    I'm a work-from-home-mom as a PR freelancer so these articles REALLY impress me.

    I love to be creative with my cooking too. Right now I'm having fun making my own baby food for my 7 month old.

    I've bookmarked your blog.
    Here's mine.

  2. Hi Shannon! I loved your article in the Dallas Morning News. I didn't realize that you made the front page of the headlines! I grabbed a paper when I saw it! Adorable!

    ~BargainShopperLori from DFWAM


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