Fourth Day of Kindergarten Lunch

And we've got kind of a flower theme going on. I'm out of eggs, so no flower egg, but at least we have some other flowers to make up for it. (And in case you're curious, Faith goes to a University-Model school, meaning she attends 2 days, we homeschool 2 days, and she goes an optional third day for elective classes; hence why my days of school aren't quite adding up).

Anyhow, we have in the top tier purple grapes and cantelope flowers, some strawberries and a few green grapes to hold it in place, flower shaped sandwiches of ham & cheese & cream cheese. Bottom tier has carrots sticks with cucumber flowers, the HK container holding ranch dip, granola bar and a few koala cookies to keep that in place. It's packed in one of the $1 Store 2 tier HK boxes. I don't think it seals quite as tightly as I would like, so we used a spare bento band to keep it together. Faith wants to use her new SS bag, so as long as her snack and drink fit in, she can. If not, it will be Carebears or red HK, unless I get really inspired and make her Tinkerbell bag tonight (not likely!). :o)


  1. I really like how the square silicone cups fit perfectly into the ends of your rectangular bento box. NICE!

  2. I'm wondering where you get your Bento supplies, such as boxes, cutters, etc... I live in the DFW area and am curious about the $1 store you refer to here. Thanks!


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