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Just trying to answer a few comments.

Best results I have had for Asian groceries & bento supplies:

Asian World Market at Legacy and Central - This is the big new grocery store between Central & Chase Oaks off of Legacy. It's big, bright and very clean. Great selection, especially the snacks & goodies. They also have a Sanrio shop inside that carries a far selection of girl-ish bentos. We get many of our snacks here plus staples like rice & daigo (it's some sort of Guamanian pickled yellow radish thing, don't ask!).

Mei Hua Supermarket at Park and Coit - The other big Asian grocery store in Plano. They have a good selection of foods, but they don't typically have the boxes I have found at AWM. It's also further from my house, not that that should be a deciding factor for most people. ;o) I really like the in-store bakery, it gets many of its products fresh from a bakery off of Royal and they have some yummy sweet breads & cookies.

Shop Minoya at Parker & Independence - This is a really small little store kind of tucked into a strip plaza (it's near USAToy). They carry the snack items, but not as many basic groceries. However, they have the best bento supplies selection that I have found--cookie cutters, folding boxes, many of the kids' Hello Kitty & Shinkansen small supplies, foil cups, etc. They have really good prices as well, lots of stuff for under $2. It changes frequently, so we tend to pick up some of our snacks there so I can check out their new supplies. ;o)

I would assume there are probably some stores in Richardson and in Dallas (35 & Royal area), but we live in Frisco. Since I can get most of what I need in Plano, I haven't made the trek to either of those places yet to explore. It's on my to-do list, maybe once Faith starts school and I can drag Ben on these trips.


  1. I stopped by Shop Minoya today, and found some cute Hello Kitty containers, along with potato starch cookies, and other goodies. I had hoped to find egg molds, but I'll have to keep looking. I've seen some on eBay, and may have to order them.

    Thanks for the list of places!


  2. Thanks for the post. I live in Frisco too. I have been trying to find some smoked tofu, but I can't find it anywhere. I am going to try the Asian World Market tomorrow. I lived in DC for awhile and could find all kinds of Chinese products there. I miss that.
    Thanks for the information!!


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