Look what I made!

The majority of our bentos do not fit well into a traditional American style lunch bag. If they actually fit, they are not sitting flat but upright, so all the food gets mixed together. :o(

One of our Japanese boxes came with a matching bag for it and by a stroke of luck, I found Ben a similar bag at the Japanese store nearby. But 2 bags for 2 kids means hoping nothing gets dirty. I thought about it and realized, I can probably make these, they can't be that hard ...

So I did--Faith's new bento bags:

They both have a 2 tier box in them right now for pictures. The SS one is a bit smaller (I used scrap material), so it only fit some of our boxes. The Carebear one is taller so it can easily accomodate a bento, a snack & a water bottle. I have Mickey Mouse material to make Ben some too.


  1. Those are adorable!! I am new (came from Lori Graniss's) to your blog and loving it.

  2. Did you cut apart another bento bag to make the pattern? Or are you just good at sewing? I would love to make one myself -- domestically challenged when it comes to sewing though :)

  3. Omg! So cute! You just reminded me I have leftover HK fabric from making dd's tag blankets and fleece hats from years ago! YOU SOOOO TOTALLY ROCK!


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