A Rare Appearance by Faith & Ben (and real bentos)

Well, I screwed up today. We were supposed to have lunch and a playdate with friends, but I spent most of the morning relaxing, only to realize I did not have my cell when it was time to leave. I then had to try to track down said cell phone. Eventually it was found, in my husband's car at his office (which was totally in the opposite direction I need to go). Needless to say, no playdate. :o(

So Shaun took us out for Japanese to make up for our otherwise disappointing afternoon.

We had real bentos:

Well, I had a real bento, the kids shared a second one because hey, it's a lot of food!

Ben chows down on gyoza (his plate also has rice, sweet potato tempura and chicken teriyaki; he also ate my orange):

Faith making silly faces and enjoying some shrimp tempura:

It sort of made up for not getting to go on our playdate and the kids were nice & full afterwards. So it all worked out in the end.


  1. Alex saw me looking at this and said "Mom, I want to meet them" lol


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