Second Day of School!

Today was Faith's elective day at school, lots of fun classes (hands-on science, art, music, Spanish). She still needed to take a lunch, so we opted for her pink Hello Kitty box with the fork/spoon compartment built into the lid.

She has half a heart shaped boiled egg, a few carrots, sliced strawberries & honeydew (just noticed you can't see the honeydew), faux sushi with ham & cheese, a yogurt jelly and a marshmallow jam.

Check out the dividers today! They are silicone muffin cups. They aren't cheap necessarily, but you can use Michael's or Joann's 40% off coupons on them, making them $6 for 12. On the plus side, they are completely washable and reusable and they seem to be holding wet food better than the tinfoil cups. And they come in circles or squares to better fit your box. We have both. ;o)

Rebecca - Meant to answer you the other day. For the faux sushi, I usually trim off the crusts then flatten white bread, spread that with flavored cream cheese, then some sliced ham or turkey and a strip of cheese then roll it up. Sometimes a bit more cream cheese to make it stick together better. :o) It works OK with tuna or chicken salad too. I assume it would work with peanut butter except Faith hates PB with a passion, so never tried it.


  1. it canada the dollaramas have the silicon muffin cups 6 for $1 thought I would pass that on to you they come in blue or red


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