Shaun's "More Filling" Lunch

The big question has been, for Shaun, on whether or not his lunches are filling enough. The problem is he works at 10am and leaves around 7pm. He doesn't typically eat breakfast (which I think he should), so he has lunch around noon. We eat dinner when he gets home, hence the "is it enough food?" issue.

So, he has a sandwich with ham, turkey, pepperonis & cheese (more meat for more protein), daigo (that yellow stuff on the top, it's pickled radish), fruit salad, a boiled egg (more protein) and carrot sticks. I stayed away from too much carb-y foods, sort of, and less snacky stuff & more substantial food. We'll have to see later if it is truly filling enough. ;o)


  1. My dh would never eat such a healthy lunch. He usually takes leftover dinners. But that sure is cute!


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