Stuffed Corn Muffins

I promise, nothing complicated about these.

All you need is a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix (and whatever you need to make it, milk & an egg?), leftover cooked chicken and either leftover or frozen mixed veggies.

Mix up the corn muffin mix per the box.
Chop up the leftover chicken and stir it into the muffin mix.
Throw the veggies in too.
Then spoon it into cupcake wrappers & bake per the directions on the package.

Voila--meat, veggies & a starch. And it's fairly un-messy. I got about 12 from one box of muffin mix.

Faith's are made with leftover hibachi chicken and some frozen peas/corn/carrots/green beans.


  1. Yummy! These sound so good. My daughter will eat ANYTHING in muffin-form. I made some veggie stew last week that we're desperately trying toe at up... I bet I could add a few spoonfulls of this to my batter. Hmmm, I can't wait to get home and try this.

    I added you to my blogroll, if that's ok -

  2. What a cool idea. I am going to have to try this.

  3. LOVE that idea!! I will definitly try that!


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