For my DAM girls

In honor of DAM's 5th anniversary, Nicole is having all sort of neat giveaways going on. I promised her a starter bento set, so this is what she'll be giving away soon!

Spongebob box with movable divider
Hello Kitty box with fixed divider & fork
"Sushi grass" paper dividers for food (hearts & cars)
Animal picks for fruit
Hello Kitty muffin cups
Hello Kitty dressing container
Animal cookie cutters
2 boxes of Koala cookies

No clue which day, so make sure to watch the board! :o)

Edited to add: DAM is Dallas Area Moms an awesome local forum for mommies run by my friend Nicole.


  1. What is DAM?

    I found this site recently and have really gotten into the Bento lunch for my kindergarten age daughter. It really has helped me get her to eat foods she wouldn't before because of the cute boxes and ways of preparing the food. Thanks for helping me!
    And I just LOVE your blog.


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