Friday Lunch for Shaun

He got one too, since I was already making lunches last night.

He has an egg salad wrap, chef salad with cheese, daigo, fruit salad and a granola bar. Nothing creative, but he's easy to please.


  1. i love it! you are a genius. my parents never made me lunches and i would rather starve than make my own. it is so messy and inconvenient (i still hate making them, if i have to go somewhere where i need to pack a lunch, i stay home). but i have bookmarked you for inspiration. these inspire me too:

    but only because i have a dishwasher. otherwise i would be ziploc all the way.

  2. i don't know if my link worked. google "bento box plastica" and it should come up first thing.

  3. I have liquid-leaking problems when I packed canned or fresh fruit, or when I pack anything that's at all runny. Could it be a container issue (none of them are great) and if so, which ones have you found to be the least leaky? What else do you do to prevent leaking? Thanks!



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