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Sarah - in terms of leaks, it kind of depends what you pack. The Laptop Lunches always go with my husband to work. He's a little easier on things than my kids are (ie. he knows to keep a box flat and set it down on its bottom not the side). The LL do have a small dressing container with lid and one of the largest compartments has a lid. They seem fairly tight, but I wouldn't swear they wouldn't leak. The 4 comparment Lock&Lock works really well and you can always put Press&Seal on top and it seems to keep things from leaking. Otherwise, nothing I have is perfect, I just try to get Faith to keep her stuff upright (bento bags over traditional lunch bags help) and not pack anything too messy. Some of the really messy looking meals are when we are having bentos but eating at home.

Nicole - for a boy box locally, I haven't had much luck. I did get a Shinkansen shaped one at Giga inside Mei Hua in Plano. Everything else of Ben's is not from local sources (his Diego and Spongebob boxes are from one of the dollar stores in Canada, Elmo & Mickey are from Ebay Japan). If you don't mind plain, the Lock&Lock boxes at Target work well.


  1. See my husband refuses to keep his upright. he wants to drop it in his bag and not worry at all about it leaking. I think that's a pretty tall order. I have been trying to pack dry lunches but there just aren't many choices... Oh well. thanks for the advice!


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