A New Week Bento

Yet another week of school begins for Miss Faith. I, however, needed to finish out some already made foods, so the bento was less than inspired. She prefers the other pasta salad as it has a ranch type dressing, but someone had to eat the last little bit of the Italian one. ;o)

To the left, we had the end of the Italian pasta salad with a cheese elephant and bunny. To the right, 2 cream cheese & jelly hearts, Hello Panda cookies, grapes, canteloupe & honeydew. She requests something completely different for the next lunch.


  1. Hello! I have been reading and totally enjoying your blog since the article in the paper a few weeks ago. Do you know of any place here in the metroplex to get a bento box for a boy? My son is only 2 and doesn't mind Hello Kitty right now, but I assume one day he might.


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