Tuesday Ballet Bento

Well, we enjoyed a nice long weekend with little cooking and lots of eating out. Time to get back into the real lunch thing again.
Faith had an hour & half of dance this morning, then Nicole & Ryleigh came over, so we squeezed in a quick bento in between.

We have heart sandwiches, a half a heart egg, some goldfish pretzels & chocolate koala cookies. On the right, some carrots, a cucumber flower and some grapes.

Ben slept through lunch, so if he eats later, who knows. :o)


  1. I only signed up for google to write this comment, so don't bother trying to message me back. But I just had to commend you for this adorable blog. I recently took to Bento as a hobby and your super cute blog gave me a lot of good ideas. I just wanted to thank you for having put it up.


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