Sorry for the hiatus

If you read my personal blog, you'll know the kids and I had a pretty bad car accident on Saturday. Our car flipped and landed upside down. Thankfully, the kids are perfectly fine, nothing more than a couple of little bumps/bruises. It is a testimony to keeping your kids restrained in a 5-point carseat for sure. Faith would not have been OK if she had been in a booster seat instead of her Marathon.

Anyhow, trying to catch back up, but I didn't take pictures this week & Wednesday was a special Chik Fil A day at Faith's school.

Oh, the pasta salad question. It's nothing fancy. ;o) Faith's "favorite" pasta salad is one of the Betty Crocker mixes--Suddenly Pasta Salad Ranch & Bacon. So I mix it up and use it out within a few days. :o)


  1. Boy that must have been scary! I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad that you and the kids are okay.

  2. I read about it on the bargain board and am glad you're ok and your kids are fine.


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