A different lunch for Monday

I got bored last night, so I figured why not make the girl something new for lunch. Thankfully, I had pasta salad mixes in stock in my pantry (stop laughing, I am NOT about to make pasta salad for a 5 year old from scratch). And we had ham & pepperoni and cheeses, so she got a really nice pasta salad out of the deal. I also boiled eggs, but that is another post entirely.

Anyhow, she took the new pasta salad (complete with pepperonis and ham), some grapes, some carrots, vanilla yogurt with blueberries (tucked into the little HK container, and some mini M&Ms for a treat. Go me, it's different!


  1. *Sigh* I really wish I didn't think Sol was too old for these awesome bento lunches...plus there are at least a dozen japanese kids in his class, and I'd fear they'd tease him for some odd reason!!! Grrrrrr

    I need to ask him!!!


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