An egg experiment

Today was pizza day at Faith's school, so no bento for her.

To make up for the lack of a lunch post, I decided this would be a good time to post another egg experiment.

As stated on Monday, I made boiled eggs. But since they are for Faith, they had to be cool boiled eggs, not just plain round ones. Now, I had 2 egg molds prior to this experiment (a star and a heart) but I also have some brand new ice cream molds that can double as egg molds from Williams Sonoma. I ordered them when I ordered F&B personalized aprons for Christmas. I've been wanting to use them, but the last few boiled eggs I have made have been for egg salad and shaped eggs do not fit into my handy-dandy egg slicer. As our saga continues, I boiled the eggs, I let them sit in boiling water, then I peeled them instead of submerging them in cool water. I placed them in the ice cream molds (and 1 actual egg mold because I had 3 eggs) and put them in the fridge.

Ice cream molds don't stay shut tightly, so I basically bungee-d them shut with rubber bands, like so:

Today, I removed the eggs from the molds and voila! I have a funky cow & pig shaped egg:

I showed them to Shaun & Ben, then put them on the kitchen counter for a moment. Ben sat on the floor next to them and cried because he wanted the cow egg. :o(


  1. How cute!!! One question....1 ENTIRE egg fit into that mold?? Does it not sqwoosh out the sides of the mold?!?!?

  2. It fits. They are already boiled, but hot, so they take the shape of the molds. Remind me when you're here on Tuesday and I'll show you.

  3. haha...
    thats cool that you thought of using the cow ones, I never thought of that for that.


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