And we're back!!!

Our very first lunch of 2008. Well, technically, it's not our first lunch of 2008. I don't starve the children, but it's our first bento of 2008. Faith actually started back to school on Wednesday, but I was a smart mommy and preordered her the special Wednesday hot lunch, so I didn't have to send one. It's a once a week thing and the proceeds all go to the school anyhow, so why not? And did I mention it means I don't have to make a lunch???

So that brings us to Friday (today). We are sorely lacking in fresh fruit because I haven't made it to Kroger and the produce at Super Target leaves a lot to be desired. Instead, she has turkey & cheese sandwiches in the shape of dolls, pretzel goldfish, vanilla yogurt in the HK container (with a few random blueberries I had frozen), a pack of Yogos (OK, shoot me, it's not healthy but I really need to go to Kroger) and a mini Nestle Crunch bar. Not my best work, but not bad considering I haven't been home a week and the grown ups are sick.


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