Monday's Out-of-the-sandwich-rut Lunch

We've had about all we could take of sandwich related lunches, so I changed it up a bit today. Thankfully, I had some leftover mac&cheese that made a good base for a pasta salad. Add some ranch and some diced turkey and we had an entree!

Anyhow, she had the aforementioned pasta salad, some carrots, some grapes, some vanilla yogurt (in the HK ocntainer) and some chocolate chip cookies. And it was different for a change.


  1. Looks yummy, I don't think I've ever thought about mixing ranch dressing with mac & cheese for a pasta salad. Seriously though, what's a Yogo?

  2. They are these little yogurt covered somethings. Kind of fruit snacks? I have no idea. Probably nothing that was actual fruit in them. ;o)

  3. Ha! I looked it up after I kept seeing them here:) They are, and I quote - "yogurty-covered fruit-flavored snacks feature a colorful, creamy, yogurty coating around delicious fruity-flavored, chewy centers". For some reason that description pretty much made my day!


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