A New Box for Friday

I actually bought this box awhile ago for Ben, when I was having trouble finding more boyish boxes. In the meantime, I've found better boy ones and this one has been in my cabinet. I decided it was too cute not to get used:

Don't you just love the little pig faces? Faith did and she decided that the black & white was "cool". Inside has two removable compartments, yay!

She took cantelope and honeydew (yes, I finally bought fruit), a little container of Yogos since she is addicted to them, a bluberry yogurt jelly and some bear and flower sandwiches made with ham & cheese.


  1. Ohhh! So cute! I love the new box! You would be so proud of me! I picked up some animal shaped cookie cutters today for sandwich cutting! hehe!

  2. This box is very cute! I'm looking right now for boxes for 12 year old boy and it is not sooo easy... I will be looking for one more shortly as my 2 year old girl will go to preschool twice a week this autumn...
    Right now we are using plain food containers that work well too :)

    I'm very happy to discover this website, will be visiting more often now.

    Have a good day, Margot

  3. OMG! I LOVE MONOKURO BOO!! I was going to get a set or two of them (watched them on ebay for MONTHS!) but DH was putting me on a bento block because I still have the HK boxes scattered through the house! LOL I might need to sneak one in the cupboard and tell him I got it a while ago...then again, he's the one that does dishes....hee hee

    *sigh* I need to get back on the ball with this thing....Sols snack times are annoying me with what he can and can't have! Grrrrr


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