Friday's Combo

Last day of school for the week for Miss Faith. Wednesday was pizza day, so she had that instead. She also came hom on Monday and told me that one of her little friends (Jordan) really wants a bento box and that she (Faith) told her we would get her one. ;o) Thankfully, some of us overstocked on the Hello Kitty boxes in September so I really did have spares sitting around. Hopefully Jordan's mommy isn't going to hate me too much when she finds out what her little one wants for lunch in her new box. ;o)

Faith, however, took in the last of the quiche, a macaroni salad made with leftover mac&cheese and ham, canteloupe, carrots, vanilla yogurt and a few koala cookies. She must have been hungry, absolutely nothing came home and this is slightly more than I usually send.

She also reported that Jordan brought her lunch in her new bento too. ;o)


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