Some fun new supplies!

While out running errands today with Mr. Ben, he & I decided to stop into Minoya. I haven't been there in a few months, we haven't needed to stock up on much bento-wise and I can pick up most food stuff at the actual Oriental grocery. They had some neat new stuff in! The nice young girl working told me they can barely keep the bento stuff in stock, I wonder why? ;o)

Anyhow, I was good, Ben & I only spent $15 and some of it was on snacks for him.

Two new sets or rice molds--smaller shapes (star, heart, flower, triangle) and larger hear & flower. And some really great sauce bottles shaped like pickles, strawberries and a cherry. Love it!

A pretty new yellow box, band and matching bag. Not that any of us need one, but I really liked it and that is good enough.

And a new bento bag for Faith. Ben has a blue one almost identical to it and I had been hoping to eventually find a pink one for her. Ta da!


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