Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cute (and free!) online nutrition game for kids

No lunch today, Faith is off and my mom is still here, so she cooked. We had turkey soup in case you are dying to know. ;o)

I actually found the link on another board but thought the site was too cute not to pass on. It's a adventure game (think really kind of Indiana Jones) about the food pyramid and healthy choices. Faith played it the other day and really liked it, I was entertained too. ;o)

Nourish Interactive

And if you already haven't, scroll down about 5-6 posts to March 12th and tell me how you found your way here? I'm loving finding out how. :o)


  1. Fun site...I love new ideas for my kids. I'm in Frisco too...very cool! :)

  2. OK, I am so intrigued by your site. Who are you and what excatly do you do? Sorry for being so blunt, but I don't know much about "bento," what it means, where to get it. I found your site through Frisco-Online. I am also Canadian (from the West, Calgary to be exact) and live in Frisco. Would love to connect with you. Can you email me?

  3. I'd love to, but I can't get an email for you via Blogger. Email me if you'd like, scarino@gmail.com

  4. This is cool Shannon!

  5. I found you through an article in the Dallas Morning News, and I've kept coming back because I love the bentos and ideas for kids lunches. We've tried both the ham and cheese muffins and the cheeseburger muffins and they've been big hits. I also like your non-bento family blog - I love reading about things you do in Dallas - since I don't live there it gives me ideas for things to do with my son when we go back to Plano to visit family.

  6. I found you through a long chain: Started with www.disposableaardvarksinc.blogspot.com (a vegan bento mom), then back to SplitCoastStampers.com, then to a thread that had the article from Dallas. I don't have kids, but I would love to pack healthier lunches for myself and cut back on my waste. I also really want to start buying & eating organic for my husband and I. God bless! (Pr31stamper on Splitcoast)



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