Some Spring Break Bentos

It's Spring Break this week and my mom & dad are visiting. I haven't been in the mood for bento-ing or even cooking. My mom is an awesome cook, so I'm sitting back and being spoiled with all sorts of yummy food.

However, I was the one in the kitchen when F&B decided they wanted lunch. I've been trying some more bento-like things with Ben and seeing how he does with all of his food in front of him at once. When he starts preschool in the fall, he'll eat there and it will be one container with everything accessible at once. Faith was always good at eating her food even if it was all presented together, but I want to see if he'd eat the sandwich or only eat the cookies (for example).

Faith had her Snow White box with some rabbit shaped sandwiches, goldfish, teddy grahams and some fruit cocktail (note to self, out of real fruit!).

Ben had the same combo in one of his Mickey shaped boxes, but boat shaped sandwiches with the goldfish, teddy grahams and fruit cocktail.

Honestly, they weren't exciting lunches, they weren't even an ideal combo, but I have really been wondering how Ben would do with his food all there. He did eat everything, with the fruit first. :o)


  1. That Mickey Mouse box is adorable!!

  2. Very cool, glad to hear he ate it all!

  3. I commented on another post, but I was excited to see your goldfish--I work at Pepperidge Farm! small world. :)


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