And two more sites

Again, no bentos, but I've got two more sites! ;o)

The Perfect Pantry - My friend Cindy emailed me this one, it's a food blog from a professional food writer and what she keeps in her pantry. Mine is rather pitiful in comparison but I'm loving the blog

Recipe Matcher - Now this site works if your pantry is like mine and you have about half the ingredients you really need. You plug in what you have and it gives you recipe ideas using those ingredients, thus eliminating the need to run to Kroger or SuperTarget halfway through cooking dinner!

And if you're curious, the festival was awesome! There will be pictures on my family blog later on. :o)


  1. Thanks for visiting The Perfect Pantry! As you'll quickly discover if you poke around, my pantry is anything but perfect -- but we have a lot of fun in it.


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