Friday's New Lunch

I bought these buns awhile ago with the intention on putting them in Faith's lunch but promptly forgot about them. I pulled them about of the freezer last night and steamed one. Hopefully she likes it. Shaun commented that it smelled really good while cooking.

Faith has a steamed pork & veggie bun, carrot sticks (I'm out of all other veggies), strawberries/blueberries/blackberries, and some koala cookies. She also took yogurt for a morning snacks, but that wasn't cute enough to make the picture.


  1. I'm frequently annoyed by my children's sarcastic remarks. Then I remember that they've learned at the foot of the master. And I smile :)

  2. Just checking out your blog - I made some steamed buns last year, and Evalina loved them for dinner, but turned her nose up at them when they were room temp in her lunch... oh well. Might try again. They were really fun to make.


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