Fun new supplies

My friend Michelle was in California this past weekend. Because she is an awesome person, she stopped at Daiso to do a little bento shopping and came home with some great goodies for me. :o) Thanks again Michelle, F&B love the new stuff!

Egg molds!!! Now I have bunnies, bears, fish & cars!!!

Fuzzy bunny and penguin bands, sauce containers for Faith and side dish shapers, yay!!!

I'm having an awful lot of fun playing with this stuff!


  1. Woo Hoo!! I live in CA and I just saw there is a Daiso near me! I can not wait for my DD to start school so I can make her bento lunches. Your blog is so inspirational.

  2. I have the same set of egg molds and I can never get my bears to come out right! They are always missing their ears. If you can make it work, please share the secret!!

  3. SO CUTE! I need to get some stuff. I'm still just using old tupperware stuff to make my bentos... I have yet to find an oriental store in my area... guess I need tog et out the phone book.


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