Monday Morning Again

We're actually winding down towards the end of school. Faith has class today, a special event on Wednesday and another on Friday, the following week, she has 2 days of class left and a family picnic, then the next week, just an awards ceremony. I cannot believe Kindergarten is almost over!

Today, she took the leftover quiche from Saturday (cut into more manageable pieces), two teeny chocolate pieces (also leftover from Saturday, carrot & celery stick with dip (more Saturday), strawberries (and still more Saturday), and some koala cookies. Apparently, this would have been more aptly titled "Saturday's Playdate Leftovers Bento". ;o)


  1. Hahah omgs did you do a House Party for Hershey's Bliss? ME TOO!!!!

  2. Everytime I see quiche in a lunch I think 'oh I should do that' and then I promptly forget.


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