Monday's Masterpiece ;o)

OK, it's far from a masterpiece but it's more interesting than a sandwich. ;o) Today's experiment was how well would pizza rolls hold up in her lunch. Friday's steamed bun was not a success. She normally loves them, but I made the mistake of precooking it, then putting it in the fridge overnight. Faith said it was too hard and she had trouble biting it. I decided to cook the pizza rolls this morning and put them right into the box with no fridge involved.

It was apparently a success, she told me they were very yummy and not hard at all (got to love sarcasm from the 5 year old set). Anyhow, she had 4 of the little pizza rolls, lots of fresh melon, carrot coins with ranch dressing inside the little strawberry container and some Teddy Grahams & Yogos for a treat. It came home empty. Obviously some things just don't belong in a fridge.


  1. So, how did the pizza rolls go over for lunch? I've always wondered if they'd still taste good at lunch... Oh, I tagged you to answer a few Q's for me. Go check it out:

  2. Where do you find your bento boxes. I think my daughter would love these!! Can you elaborate what they are?


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