A Half Bento for the Weekend

OK, it's a lunch pretending to be a bento. Mostly because I hate doing dishes and if I put the kids' food on a dishwasher safe plate, I don't actually have to do any other dishes. At least it's semi-planned out and interesting. If the plates had sides and a lid, it technically could be a bento. ;o)

Anyhow, the munchkins had a boiled egg (I was making eggs for my egg molds, so they each got a leftover regular shaped egg), cream cheese and jelly heart sandwiches, yogos, a few goldfish and some orange slices. Note that I absolutely *suck* at peeling oranges, that is normally a Shaun job.


  1. Oh, I'm going to have withdrawels this summer... not being able to send Abby's lunch to school with her. What do you do? Do you make cute little lunches in the summers too?



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