Today's Awesome Target Bento Find!!!

I stopped by Target today to pick up a few odds and ends. They were restocking the $1spot with school stuff (seriously, it's JUNE, don't we get to have summer first???). However, in my perusal of the area, I found these:

My mind immediately jumped to bento potential, so they were purchased and brought home (did you think I wouldn't?). I got one for my niece as well since my SIL has discovered my blog. ;o)

Anyhow, very cute, they are sandwich sized, but with creative packing, they look like they will hold quite a bit. They only had Cars & Princesses out, but they had other stuff like lunch bags, baggies, ice packs and some containers that reminded me of last summer's Gladware-like contianers that had Cars & Princesses, plus Hello Kitty and Spiderman.

Definitely check it out, very cute and all $1! It might be a good start if you are wanting to start bentoing for the upcomind school year.


  1. I bought the Cars box myself at Target tonight! It WAS too cute to pass up! I've got a son entering Kindy this fall and I plan to give bento-ing a shot with his lunches. I've already started a little collection of containers to keep things fresh for him. I purchased some of the Cars and Spiderman baggies too.

  2. I just bought these! I can not wait for August 25th so I can start to bento!

  3. I bought the cars one for my 3.5 year old daughter. Our Target had the regular Hello Kitty and Spiderman sets as well. Snagged those too!

    I love the $1 Spot! Several of my shaped cutters are from there!

  4. These boxes are very cute. I, too, got the Cars one from Target. They have the same ones, same manufacturer, at Family Dollar too - in Spiderman and Dora! They also have the Cars and Princess ones. Just in case someone missed them at Target. :)

  5. Target here in Malaysia. *sheds more tears*


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