Baseball & Bentos

We are finally home! We never did do bentos in Canada but on the plus side, I never had to prepare meals either, so frankly I still came out on top! ;o)

Friday nights are church league softball for Shaun & I. We are sick of having to eat after the games because no one wants to eat at 9pm or later, so I decided that the kids could take bentos with them to picnic while we played. We did buy some new cookie cutters in Canada, so F&B were up for me making cute sandwiches again.

They both had the same thing--ham, cheese & cream cheese sandwiches (Faith's are teapots & cups, Ben's are trains & boats), some goldfish pretzels, strawberry koala cookies, and grape & canteloupe kebabs (although that is the palest canteloupe I have seen in a long time, shouldn't it be orange???).


  1. We haven't done bento's all summer. The teapots are so cute!

  2. I thought it was cheese and grapes... so yes, very pale, lol

  3. Totally off the wall but I know where Frisco is - we lived in Little Elm for about 4 years!

  4. Hi, I am new to making bento and just discovered your great blog (googled for "kids" and "bento"). Right now I'm getting by with corningware glass containers (perfect size and I love using healthy glass rather than plastic, but they are SO HEAVY!)

    I would love to know where you got the bento boxes featured in your Dallas Morning News Article
    And if you happen to have them still, do they by any chance indicate what kind of plastic they are made from? I'm trying to stick to the "healthier" kinds of plastics, but none of the bento boxes-for-sale websites show what type of plastic their boxes are made from!

    Thanks so much and hope your hand is healing.

  5. hey! lurker here . . . just curious about when you cut the sandwiches in cute shapes . . . do you eat the rest, or throw it away?


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