And a Friday lunch to round out the week

It's a bit less exciting than we have had this week & last, but in my defense, we were out late last night and she is lucky she got lunch. ;o)

Faith has a sandwich on a mini-roll (ham, cheese & cream cheese), carrot sticks, vanilla yogurt in the HK container, a few koala cookies and a big strawberry.


  1. I love your website. I just started making Bento lunches for my pre-schooler, and your has given megood idea's. Apparently this Bento, idea has not hit the East Coast yet but I'm working on it :o)

  2. I too, have just discovered your blog, and THANK YOU for sharing your phab-u-lous ideas! Phew!! Tried the skewers as a dinner idea tonight, and was amazed what they'd eat (that they normally wouldn't) if it was stuck on a bamboo skewer. Again- thank you. I do have some questions regarding the types of fruit you freeze, and your process... whenever you have a chance. Thanks again!

    Krystin in Vancouver BC


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