Benjamin's First Day of Preschool Lunch

Mr. Ben started preschool today! It was a bit of a necessity since I'm working part-time and he needs to be somewhere. We did find a great school right next to where I work and he is going to go two days a week!

I had him help me choose his very first day lunch.

He picked ham & cheese sandwiches shaped like trains, a blueberry muffin that he helped make, chocolate koala cookies and grape/canteloupe fruit kebabs. It's all in a Thomas the Train box which came home completely empty--right now, we're on a mission to find the right amount & combo of food for him.


  1. I'd be kinda surprised if that wasn't enough lunch for him - maybe he shared?

  2. I have found you in the nick of time. My sister and I were just talking about bento lunches for our kids. I am so inspired. Thanks

    Susan from Vancouver,BC

  3. Glad to "meet" you! I'm from Canada originally, I grew up in southern Ontario, but been in Texas since 1997.


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