Friday's After-the-theater Lunch

We took Faith last night to see Mamma Mia on Fort Worth, so we didn't get home till quite late. This was the best I could do under the circumstances (and the fact that Ben ate for dinner the pasta salad I was going to give her for lunch).

She had a toasted mini bagel with honey-almond cream cheese, carrot sticks, grapes, cheese cubes and a mini vanilla cupcake (from the huge stash I bought and froze right after July 4th).


  1. How did the frosting do after bein g frozen? I always freeze cupcakes unfrosted...never considered freezing them complete.

  2. Surprisingly, really well.

    The cupcakes were on clearance at SuperTarget on July 5th for something like $1.50 for 20 of them. I figured it was worth a try to freeze them and hope.

    The girl reports they taste just fine.


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