Mini-quiches for Monday

We needed a new idea for lunch this week and both kids absolutely love quiche. I opted to make a quick batch of mini-quiches for them. It yielded a dozen, but Faith snagged one right out of the oven and then another at dinner. Good to know they are popular. I went with a smoked chicken and cheese combo. Personally, I would have liked smoked chicken with gouda, but a) I didn't have gouda and b) I had about 3 different kinds of cheese opened that really needed to be finished. So they are smoked chicken with old cheddar, Italian style cheese or Colby/Monterey Jack. And I lucked out to do identical lunches today!

Ben has a mini-quiche with koala cookies and grapes, plus a side (not-shown) of vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries sliced into it. He loves these Mickey shaped containers but they don't hold a whole lot of food, hence the side Shinkansen container for the yogurt.

Faith has a mini-quiche, grapes, koala cookies and a couple of carrot sticks. Her Princess is container is almost as small as Ben's Mickey container, so she has a side dish of vanilla yogurt with strawberries too, but hers is a Hello Kitty container.


  1. ok so how do you make the quiche?

  2. Um hello? My exact question. I've already been all around town trying to find steamed pork rolls to no avail. Shannon help!

  3. I'm with Ben - the quiche fits perfectly, so the container MUST be perfect!

  4. I haven't had quiche since I was a gotta post the recipe! Oh and your Bourek one too!! I love seeing the new stuff you come up with!


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