Monday's Mini-Quiches, again

After everyone being sick this past week, then Faith celebrating her birthday this weekend, I was less than inspired to cook. Besides, all those lovely mini-quiches I made had ended up frozen because no one was feeling well enough to eat them. They became lunch today. And I cheated and gave both kids the same thing to make it *really* easy on me. ;o)

Faith has a smoked chicken & cheese mini quiche, half a toasted bagel with strawberry cream cheese, some carrot sticks, melon & grapes, and a few mini chocolate chip cookies.

Ben has almost the same--mini quiche, bagel with strawberry cream cheese, canteloupe, grapes and the chocolate chip cookies; no carrots for him, he still has trouble chewing them.


  1. I used your recipe and made the mini-quiches my daughter (who is hard to please) just loves them! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mini quiches are such a great idea! My daughter loves them and I know they would go over well in her lunch as well. Thanks for the ideas!


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